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What is Bitcoin technical analysis?

Technical analysis is a set of tools employed to evaluate the existing price trend of Bitcoin and identify the optimal market entry and exit points.

What is Bitcoin Fundamental Analysis?

Fundamental analysis, along with technical analysis, is one of the primary approaches to market analysis. Technical analysis focuses on analyzing prices and volume data of financia...

How to trade bitcoin

If you want to achieve consistency and profitability in trading, then you should develop a rules-based trading strategy.

Bitcoin trading guide

Cryptocurrency trading provides a great opportunity to make a sustainable income if you develop the skills and experience necessary to become a successful trader.

How to Use the Risk/Reward Ratio in Trading

In this article, we discuss the importance of understanding and application of the Risk/Reward Ratio in margin trading

How To Develop a Successful Trading Plan

A quick introduction on how to create a successful plan

Choosing Time Frames for Drawing Support and Resistance

Selecting the best time frames for identifying and drawing support and resistance lines

Using Support and Resistance In Trading

A quick primer on how the psychology underlying support and resistance works and its uses in trading

Support And Resistance - The Basics

In this article, you will learn the basics of support and resistance in trading

How Constant Practice Improves Your Profitability

It’s clear that having a good idea of how your trading plan will fare under real market conditions is a crucial aspect of success. In order to have that idea, practice is essential...

Monfex Webinar: Beyond The Charts

See the Monfex platform in action!

The Importance of Maintaining Discipline In Trading

Taking a loss can be a hard thing to stomach, and will often cause you to lose confidence in your trading plan. But maintaining the discipline to see a plan through past those loss...

Contributing Factors In a Successful Trading Plan

There are a lot of different moving parts to consider when setting up a trading plan. The factors that play a role in your trading plan are trading experience, your available time,...

How to Build a Successful Trading Plan

Trading plans should always be made out of clear and concise rules that dictate your trading strategy. When you have the details of how exactly you enter into trades, you can then...

Identifying Your Trading Risk Profile

Risk management is one of the most important factors of any successful trading plan.