May 28, 2019

Buy Bitcoin with Credit Card to Fund Your Monfex Account!

Monfex Partners With Simplex To Provide Secure Crypto Purchases Via Credit Card

Monfex, the industry-leading cryptocurrency trading platform, now has a new, highly requested feature:

The ability to fund trading accounts with cryptocurrency bought directly with a credit card!

Thanks to a strategic partnership with payment processor Simplex, Monfex is working towards its mission of democratizing finance and making it open and accessible for everyone.

Monfex’s partnership with Simplex means that it's even easier to become a trader - opening an account takes seconds, and now funding it by buying crypto with your credit card takes only minutes.

This gives traders an even easier way to start trading cryptocurrencies and removes a major barrier to entry for new traders. Simplex allows Monfex clients to buy Bitcoin without having to resort to 3rd-party sources or middlemen.

Monfex’s trading platform is one of the best in the trading industry, with an innovative, easy-to-use interface meant to simplify the trading process while providing experienced traders all the tools they need to make their decisions.

Credit card adoption also means that Monfex is taking a bold step in opening up the crypto world and speeding adoption of cryptocurrency generally, as it removes the need for highly specialized technical knowledge to start trading crypto.

To learn more about buying crypto with your credit card, please check out our detailed tutorial

About Monfex

Monfex is a new, revolutionary fintech company with a mission of democratizing trading and investing. It offers margin trading of up to 50x on 12 of the most popular coin pairs, all packaged in a simple, easy to use interface that nonetheless contains all the tools traders need to make their trading decisions.

Monfex also provides the Monfex Academy, a one-stop-shop for learning all there is to know about crypto and trading, as well as Monfex Cocktails, a biweekly financial news digest, and daily trending ideas on popular trading websites, such as TradingView.

About Simplex

Simplex, a payment processor founded in Israel in 2014, provides a zero-fraud payment solution. All credit card payments handled by Simplex come with a 100% no-fraud guarantee, ensuring that merchants get paid even in the case of a chargeback.

Simplex fraud prevention is known to be cutting edge, speeding legitimate transactions while preventing fraud, meaning that merchants can focus on growing their business instead of worrying about security.