April 26, 2019

Monfex Adds More Ways To Trade Crypto Futures With USDT And ETH!

Monfex Adds More Ways To Trade Crypto Futures With USDT And ETH!

Today, we’re proud to announce that we’re expanding access to our trading accounts, by adding two new deposit methods to our trading accounts - Tether (USDT), and Ethereum (ETH). We’re not stopping there - future updates will add even more deposit options for our clients!

We launched Monfex with a simple idea - make trading and investing open and accessible for everyone. This idea has guided all of our updates, and we’re working hard to make sure that anyone with the desire can be a trader, even if they don’t hold Bitcoin.

This is the next step for Monfex - increasing the variety of deposit methods and account currencies to create a wonderful experience our clients get from trading cryptocurrencies!


Tether And Ethereum Are The Optional Account Currencies, In Addition To Bitcoin

Tether and Ethereum are some of the biggest altcoins in the crypto world, and their popularity is only growing. Ethereum is the second largest altcoin by market cap, while Tether occupies the number 8 slot. Ethereum’s coin, known as Ether, is used on the Ethereum blockchain to power decentralized apps, known as dApps, such as smart contracts. 

Tether is a USD-pegged stablecoin, with the value of 1 Tether being equivalent to 1 USD. Both coins have wide usage and promising futures, so we’re proud to be able to give our clients the opportunity to fund their trading activities with them.


Monfex Adds New Cryptocurrencies To Its Universe Of Trading Instruments

Monfex has already proven a hit with thousands of users who have been actively trading 12 of the most popular cryptocurrency pairs. These 12 pairs provide users, both professional and the novice, with unprecedented access to the cryptocurrency space.


Trade Perpetual Futures Contracts With Leverage

Monfex is the ultimate cryptocurrency trading platform that offers trading in perpetual (non-expiring) futures contracts on 12 of the most popular cryptocurrencies, thus ensuring high liquidity and ultra-low spreads! Monfex traders have the option to use up to 1:50 leverage, open both long and short positions, read high-quality articles published in the trading academy, and get insightful investment and trade ideas from Monfex on a daily basis!


Maximize Your Profits By Selling Short With Up To 50X Leverage

Crypto has historically been a volatile market and with plenty of opportunities for keen-eyed traders to turn a profit. In today’s bear market with substantially lower volatility, some traders have written off crypto until volatility returns to crypto markets. But with Monfex, trading short with leverage gives confident, risk-taking traders the ability to make significant profits on even small price declines.


Analyze The Markets Like A Pro

Obscure analytical charts, graphs, and strategies are a major turnoff to potential traders.

The Monfex team has thought about this problem for a long time, and we’ve built Monfex' interface to be as simple and clean as possible - whilst preserving technical analysis features traders are used to from other platforms. 

With both our simple-to-use platform and ever-growing Monfex Trading Academy, even complete novices can become traders!

Monfex has ambitious growth plans - watch this space for more news!