May 17, 2019

Zero Commission Trading Is Now Live on Monfex!

Monfex has done a lot while pursuing our goal of democratizing trading - and we’ve just taken one more step!

Starting now, and until July 1st, Monfex is offering  

ZERO commission trading! 

No commissions will be applied when opening a position, regardless of trade size.

Why are we doing this? Making trading and investing available to everyone is our goal, and right now, there’s a historic opportunity available in crypto trading - and that is the 2019 bull run. In the past three months, Bitcoin’s price has jumped more than 100% - and it doesn’t show any signs of stopping! 

We don’t want this opportunity to go to waste, so we’re focused on making trading available to absolutely everyone. That’s what’s driven all of our product decisions so far, and it will continue to do so - so take advantage of zero commission trading on Monfex today!


How do zero commissions help?

Previously, when opening a position, 0.075% of the size of your trade had been retained as a commission. With zero commission trading, we’re removing this extra cost, meaning more money will be saved on your account and you’ll be generating higher returns in each trade!

We’ve already made trading more accessible with our easy to use interface and accessible learning materials to help anyone become an expert trader, so making our platform zero commission was the next logical step.


What does zero commissions really mean?

Zero commissions mean just that - unlike other platforms, who may take a commission every time you open or close a position, or even for just having an account, Monfex is charging you absolutely nothing! 

Commissions can play a large role in deciding whether a particular trade is profitable, and even technically profitable trades can lose money after commissions and fees. But Monfex is taking away that extra calculation, and making sure that any profits you make stay yours.


Trading on Monfex is easier than ever!

We started Monfex with the goal of taking trading out of the hands of specialists and opening it up to everyone. We want to give all of our clients, and anyone who wants to trade, the opportunity to profit off of cryptocurrencies, especially when there are exciting bull runs like the one we’re seeing now in Bitcoin.

In addition to our zero commissions, we’ve made the process of trading as easy as it can get - and we’re hard at work making it even simpler!

  • Open an account in just minutes.
  • Purchase BTC, ETH, USDT with your credit card
  • Fund your account in seconds
  • Start trading!

It’s as simple as that. Trading used to be limited to wealthy investors and major hedge funds - but with Monfex, you can now take advantage of major trends in the market, and turn a profit, without having to be an expert! Take advantage of our cash bonuses, zero commissions, and up to 50x leverage and maximize your profitability.