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Weekly Fundamental Analysis

It has been a dynamic week for the crypto community with several intriguing news coming out from the four major teams in the industry

Crypto Technical Analysis. February 12.

Weekly technical analysis of Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple and Litecoin

Is There an End In Sight For Bitcoin’s Agony?

Firmly trading below $ 3,500 this week, bitcoin has lost about 83% of its value from top to bottom.

Crypto Technical Analysis. February 5.

Weekly technical analysis of Bitcoin, Ethereum and Ripple

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Where is Bitcoin going?

Most of the past week’s interesting developments on the crypto front came from bitcoin.

Year of the Pig? No, it's the year of crypto!

One of the biggest developments in 2018 was the advent of private blockchains and bank-backed cryptocurrencies, with names as big as Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley getting into t...

How To Profit In The Most Bearish Bitcoin Market Since 2014

Discover why in 2014, Bitcoin dropped by 82 percent, leaving many investors, analysts and pundits declaring the end of the world’s first cryptocurrency.

Well-Known Profitable Trading Strategies. Application to Cryptocurrency Markets.

Cryptocurrencies possess unique characteristics of both risk and return and their value-driving factors are not similar to traditional currencies and commodities. Cryptocurrencies...

Monfex is Live - Welcome to Our Blog

We are proud to announce that we finally start our Monfex blog. Read about in-depth market research, news and professional trading strategies. Take your trading to the next level.