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Microsoft shares (NASDAQ: MSFT) are parts of the Microsoft Corporation that are divided and purchased by investors. In 2019, the Microsoft share price had an increase of 43.11%, which was mainly due to their massive institutional buying, which is unusual in the stock market. Microsoft stock is set to become even more valuable as businesses and organizations across the world switch to cloud-based technology. 2019 also saw Microsoft’s cloud company Azure winning a significant government contract in the USA, which will increase the demand for Microsoft stock throughout 2020 and beyond.

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Back in 2000, Microsoft was the highest valued company on the planet. With technology advancing every day, and many competitors emerging across the globe, msft is still in the top two most valued global companies on any day of the week.

In the final quarter of 2019, Microsoft’s earning per share grew by over 20%, with their dividend payout ratio sitting at 35%; this has the potential to increase steadily as we enter the new decade.

The nasdaq:msft has seen share dividends average 11% in growth over the past five years, this figure averages out at 13.7% if we look at the last decade. For investors looking for a stable, high growth company, Microsoft is steadily making an incredible amount of money.


Microsoft Corporation has always been at the forefront of modern technology, despite fierce competition at times from its main rivals at Apple. Microsoft Office is still the industry-standard word processing software, with In 2001 the company entered the console gaming market with the original Xbox console, which has gone on to overtake Nintendo and Sega, becoming PlayStation's main competitor in the global games industry. This year, the US government Department of Defense awarded Microsoft a $10billion cloud contract, which is set to last ten years. This contract set Microsoft ahead of rivaling technology from Amazon, to solidify their reputation as the leading provider of cloud technology in the world.

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